Lynn Weiler Liverton

Lynn Weiler Liverton graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree in 1988. After practicing Architecture in Boston and Honolulu for 4 years, I went back to school to earn my Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii in 1996. I discovered my love of teaching art at the University of Hawaii briefly before obtaining a teaching position at the Honolulu Academy of Arts School. Not long after that, I began teaching full time at the Honolulu Waldorf School in 1996. I enjoy working with children in grades 6- 12 in a variety of mediums both 2-d and 3-d. I consider myself extremely lucky being able to work with my students to encourage their artistic range. I learn as much from them as I think they learn from me. The way the students think and approach a problem is fascinating to me; I love working through their thought process with them.
My “other” professional work is based on memorializing individuals, as it is my passion. When I am working on a memorial, I research as much as possible throughout the creation of the piece. I gather information from family members, photographs and any print or media I can find about the person to be immortalized. The challenge lies in trying to capture the spirit of the person I am modeling. The best way to find this, if the individual has already passed, is talk story with those who were known and loved by the person. By the time the piece is finished, I truly feel as if I too knew the personality behind the clay.
The work completed through previous commissions highlighted the fact that projects of this significance require a collaboration of committee and individual visions honed to bring the comprehensive view of the piece to light. I bring my open mind with intent to hear all ideas regarding the manifestation of the work. When I am working with new clients, I request as much involvement of them as possible- I consider my students my clients as well! Knowing children as well as I do, with my many years of teaching experience, I am able to involve the kids in a meaningful and productive way. The more the students are involved, their pride soars, as does the quality of the finished product. I always demonstrate that creativity comes in all forms and should be a part of every challenge throughout life. The more time spent with the students and client at the beginning, the more assured the project is of success. When working with a committee of individuals, I encourage a continuous open dialog. I use the stop points in the process that naturally occur to gain approval from the client(s) before proceeding. Nothing is installed for perpetuity unless everyone is happy! I have enjoyed working with all of my clients thus far and, in fact, remain in contact with all of them.